Friday, May 15, 2009

22nd World Scout Jamboree

July 2011. A grassy field outside the town of Kristianstad
in southern Sweden has turned into a bustling town of more
than 30 000 people.

Small tents, cooking fires, grand avenues, adventures,
chatter in uncountable languages, huge pavilions, meditation,
bicycles, music, hundreds of waving flags, learning, churches,
food, chance encounters, dancing, cafes, football, helping,
wood, different cultures, adventurous, colourful Scout
uniforms, rain, songs, peace, mouth-watering aromas,
environment, orienteering, national costumes, meetings,
temples, Scout scarves, letters from home, wind, rock bands,
patrols, ice cream, email, cooperation, sleeping bags,
celebration, pioneering, tears, arts and crafts, mosques,
singing, cleaning, trees, rucksacks, calm, water, theatre,
sunshine, reunions, sleeping, painting, global ideas,
laughter, solidarity, on the stage, nature, Scout skills,
friendship and so much more.


Copy from : Scout Romania International

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