Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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The 22nd World Scout Jamboree will be held in Kristianstad, Sweden between 27th July to 7th August 2011. The theme is 'Simply Scouting', with 30,000 scouting members attending the Jamboree. At present the County has made an application in respect of a Full Contingent. A Full Contingent would be 36 Explorers and 4 Leaders.

We will not know until this Easter whether we have been succesful in respect of this application, or whether we will be allocated a Composite Unit, which consists of blocks of 9 Explorer Scouts and 1 Leader. The 2011 UK Contingent will consist of 3400 Young People and Leaders and 600 IST members - Thereby totalling 4000 members.

The 2007 UK Contingent Consisted of 4600 Young People and 1400 IST members - Thereby totalling 6000 members. The 2011 Contingent would therefore equate to approx 80 Full Contingents of 40, from the 133 Counties/Areas/Islands of the UK.

The following six Appointments will advertised in Spring 2009, pending the allocation of a 'Full Contingent'. If however a 'Composite or Part Unit' is allocated, the these positions could well be amended and/or reduced to reflect this.
1). Cornwall Contingent Leader - 22nd WSJ 2011 (Sweden)
2). Cornwall Deputy Contingent Leader - 22nd WSJ 2011 (Sweden)
3). Cornwall Assistant Contingent Leader - 22nd WSJ 2011 (Sweden)
4). Cornwall Assistant Contingent Leader - 22nd WSJ 2011 (Sweden)
5). Cornwall IST Contingent Leader - 22nd WSJ 2011 (Sweden)
6). Cornwall IST Deputy Contingent Leader - 22nd WSJ 2011 (Sweden)

These appointments will need to undertake particular roles and tasks. These may well be allocated to an individual who has the skill sets or qualifications for that role.

First Aid
Media & Press Liaison
Pastoral Care
Programme (Delivery & Tasking )
Quartermaster (Equipment & Logistics)
SPOC (Single Point of Contact) for Communications
Treasurer (Finance & Budgets)
Web-Site Co-ordination

Young People's application will be addressed and advertised after the Leadership Team has been appointed, and therefore applications will probably be sought from May 2009. Young People attending must be born between 28/07/93 & 27/08/97

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