Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Points to Note

  • Unit Applications: The size of the UK Contingent is limited by WOSM rules. As such there is a need to discuss the allocation of Jamboree Units with Counties, Areas. This process that will take a number of months and only after this, will more information be forthcoming about plans either locally or nationally. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland County/Area Commissioners have already been contacted. Scottish Units will be coordinated centrally by Scottish Headquarters.
  • Cost: The UK Contingent fee for the Jamboree is not yet available. Whilst it is recognised that this is an important element to event planning it is unlikely that this will be available for some months. It should also be noted that different Jamboree Units will communicate their fees locally, to suit their circumstances. Information about whom to contact for your own local Unit information will be made available here in due course.
  • The International Service Team (IST): In addition to Jamboree Units there will be opportunities for several hundred adults to join the International Service Team, or IST. The application process and details of selection will be communicated when they are available. More information about the organiser's plans for IST is available here.
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What? World Scouting event organised on behalf of WOSM.

Who? Participants aged 14 - 17 (born between 25th July 1993 and 27th July 1997).

Where? Kristianstad, Sweden.

When? 27th July – 7th August 2011.

More Informationwww.worldscoutjamboree.se


Contingent Support Team applications are now closed

The deadline has now passed. Thank you to those who have applied. The shortlisting process will be complete by the end of the month. For details about the process click here.

Further opportunities for Adults will be available later in the year.

UK Contingent Bulletin 1 available

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